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lively vigor TV price war still remains, all kinds of "magic price" has really spawned a number of consumer ganchang persons. So, color TV war "hero" - low quality TV then? National Quality and IC SN74F32NSR and Technical Supervision in September organized a TV quality on the cheap price and special checks, and yesterday announced the examination results, the results show that the basic quality of these products qualified. According to reports, the main object of this sampling is typical of the Beijing market common types of color TV product prices, are 29 inches, a total sample of 20 models. Looking at the results from the sampling was random products in terms of security features and EMC are in line with national mandatory standards. Sampling results show that the market price of large screen color TV quality not found in the structure of fraud, optical performance in the sound quality issues are not obvious, only a portion of optical properties at room temperature in individual companies there do not meet corporate security flaws express, but normal use of the consumer has little effect. The sampling also showed that low price, and the majority of large screen color TV is a relatively low-tech basic color TV, few additional features. Part of the TV program the circuit design is still a decade ago, and some are not added to improve image reproduction quality digital comb filter, with or without S input interface, it is difficult with standard definition DVD and future digital TV set-top boxes connection. Part of the price of color TV picture tube used mainly for cheap CPT, which accounted for plane rectangular tube 1 / 4. Part of the price of color TV technology than the backward movement by the early single chip movement, this TV spot checks accounted for about half of the total of this.

SN74F32NSR Suppliers

Recently, a fall of snow the North, people are returning to the winter atmosphere ushered in Beijing is the lowest temperature in 40 years. Like life, have a cup, but also to wash with, Gigabyte in the stern winter capital for everyone to bring an amazing wash with.

SN74F32NSR Price

Looking back the history of development of multimedia speakers, which come after the beginning of the first popular 4-inch active 2.0 speaker is detonated, the three Sino N-25G launch of the classical interpretation for users outside to the inside retro and SN74F32NSR Price and reincarnation. In design, the three Sino N-25G of the common rectangular box than the user, instead of using the ladder, and ladder have been cut away, the two bottom corners, minimizing board area around the tweeter, the effective reduce the treble reflection, thereby improving the clarity of treble and expression. For the calculation of production costs, this design generally in the classic high-end speaker applications. N-25G is also similar to the trapezoidal side speakers, help to reduce standing bass reflex, bass and powerful. In addition, N-25G is teak veneer PVC, Ze unique and has a natural reddish brown wood grain texture, stocky and reliable classic box style grille design combined with the effective protection of both the speaker unit, and a great emphasis on the Three series speakers promise eternal classic charm, your thoughts to the distant yesterday

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