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Ic SN74HC02

Innovision (Inno3D) GTX260 god of war game designed by P897PCB 8 laminates, and IC SN74HC02 and in the power supply part, Innovision (Inno3D) GTX260 God of War games are used 41 phase power design, including 4-phase graphics core for the power supply, a phase memory power supply, a large number of solid-state capacitors can guarantee the stability of overclocked graphics cards.

SN74HC02 Suppliers

DS64EV400 chip for four data transmission lines to provide compensation for transmission medium losses and SN74HC02 Suppliers and reduce its predictable jitter. The chip can provide up to 20dB of enhancing the signal to balanced up to 10 meters of Category 5 (CAT5) cable to 6.4Gbps data transfer rate up to 40-inch balanced FR-4 printed circuit board, or to 10Gbps balance of the data transfer rate up to 30 inches of FR-4 printed circuit board, and the residual jitter of the output of the equalizer are only 0.175UI. National Semiconductor uses SiGe BiCMOS-8 process technology to produce this patented signal conditioning chip, it can significantly increase the performance of high-speed interface chip / power ratio. Apart from the high performance and low power consumption characteristics than this, the equalizer in the idle channel can be automatically closed, single-channel power consumption further reduced 85%.

SN74HC02 Price

peaker Specifications: Sensitivity This indicator refers to the speaker input 1W/1kHz input signal, in the axis perpendicular to the plane away from the speaker speakers place a meter in front of the measured sound pressure level. sensitivity in decibels (dB) . Speaker of the sensitivity difference of each 3dB, output on the difference between the sound pressure doubles the sensitivity of normal speakers in the range of 85 ~ 90dB, 85dB following low sensitivity, 90dB above sensitivity, the sensitivity of the multimedia speakers are usually slightly lower. peaker Specifications: Power peaker Specifications: Speaker distortion peaker Specifications: SNR peaker Specifications: Impedance

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