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Ic SN74HC02N

global economic slowdown has brought a decline in spending power electronics in the latest annual "Global Economic Prospects" report, the World Bank to economic growth is expected in 2008 down to 3.3% 08 in 2007 and IC SN74HC02N and 3.6% growth expected in 2006, expectations for 2008 was 3.9% increase in the growth of 2008 is expected to reduce year by year. new series is ideal for telecommunications and industrial electronics applications, a quarter inch, half inch and full-bridge version of the low-voltage high-current DC / DC converters, distributed power systems, and intermediate bus converters.

SN74HC02N Suppliers

ERU25 series based on improved ferrite core with a flat rectangular wires of copper to achieve a filling factor close to one hundred percent. Low core loss and SN74HC02N Suppliers and compact self-supporting winding terminal region means that the energy reserves of great density. In addition to performance outside the coverage area of the device is only 23.5 × 25.3 square millimeters, and according to different models, insert it into the height range between 8.95 and 12.85 mm. Inductance value of the product range 0.44 ~ 10μH, series resistance ranged between 0.2 to 2.2mΩ allow the rated current range of 24 to 71 Ann.

SN74HC02N Price

Back on 2009, the semiconductor industry shrouded in the shadow of the international financial crisis. Deep recession in the global semiconductor market, the Chinese market also appeared negative growth for the first time ever. Looking forward to 2010, as the global economic pick up, signs of recovery in the semiconductor market has become increasingly apparent. In the recovery process, the market demand is undergoing tremendous structural changes. Automotive electronics, medical electronics, industrial electronics, things such as "integration of the two" emerging markets is accelerating the development, TFT-LCD, semiconductor lighting, solar photovoltaic, MEMS (micro-mechanical systems) and SN74HC02N Price and other major semiconductor industry has become the new favorite. To help enterprises accurately grasp the emerging market opportunities to nurture the recovery, CCID Consulting has released the annual meeting of more than 20 kinds of "Chinas semiconductor market and industry research annual report," and together with the conference delegates to share things related industries, semiconductor lighting and new display products, research and other hot spots. EPCOS (EPCOS) introduction of surface mount power inductors (HPI) ERU25 series, which uses surface mount inductor technology, the current capability of up to 71 security.

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