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Ic SN74HC151N

[NEW YORK Aug. 14 Beijing News], as Nokia Fashion in the series had stunning second model, the Nokia 7270 series, but Allure unique clamshell design. In the earlier emergence of L'Amour Collection Weihuo, but also to the subsequent immediate concern this Fashion Machine. 51 aircraft in the business this week the price of the phone is only 399 yuan, the price is very good, like a friend, are you concerned about WindowsMobile Software !

SN74HC151N Suppliers

(Electronic markets Reuters) Texas Instruments (TI) announced the use of 5 x 5 QFN package Hao Mi low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) serial and SN74HC151N Suppliers and deserializer (SerDes). TI chip is smaller than competing solutions, 1 / 3, can significantly reduce board space in a variety of applications such as wireless base stations, data communications backplanes, industrial and video systems, and automotive infotainment systems and video applications. SN65LV1023A serializer and deserializer SN65LV1224B 10-bit SerDes chipset, LVDS differential backplanes by the word equivalent to the parallel clock rate (10 MHz ~ 66 MHz) send and receive serial data. The throughput rate range corresponding to the range of 100Mbps to 660Mbps. Key features * to 10 MHz ~ 66 MHz system clock rate to achieve 100 Mbps ~ 660 Mbps serial LVDS data payload bandwidth * 66 MHz clock rate, the chip group (Serializer / Deserializer) Power consumption less than 450 mW (typical) * * synchronous mode for fast lock PLL lock indicator * No external components * for -40 ° C ~ 85 ° C industrial temperature range * clock with programmable using straight-edge trigger * exposed pin package, making it easy PCB layout is simple supply and price situation SN65LV1023A and SN65LV1224B available today, both devices are 5 x 5 mm 32-pin quad flat no-lead package (QFN), is now available through the TI its authorized distributors in bulk order. In addition, these products also have 28-pin small outline package (SSOP) version. Quantities of 1,000 units, the proposal is priced at $ 4.60.

SN74HC151N Price

The tour by the global elite tier board makers together the industry's leading computer manufacturers Intel, Weiang technology, DATA, and SN74HC151N Price and Seagate (Seagate) co-sponsored. ECS main content is to show the most current market selling a full range of card products and partners provided by the relevant PC accessories. There are also the most popular intel "with the core recovery" technology forums, discussions, and people installed a large experience irresistible gifts.

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