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Ic SN74HC164D

resent continental large number of manufacturers of industrial relays, industrial relays Mainland enterprises currently more than 200 or more; which brand manufacturers in mainland China is about 180. Mainland enterprises currently industrial relays with 2 / 3 is located in eastern China; addition to Acer, informed, Chint, temperature PL a few companies, most of the mainland brands with annual sales of industrial relays of 200 yuan.

SN74HC164D Suppliers

Korean Displaybank display market research firm, said in July 2008 large-size TFT LCD panel supply increased by 2.9% compared with a year earlier, to 35.1 million. However, the supply volume and SN74HC164D Suppliers and in August 2007 after the recession in December 2007 on the same level, the historical record than the record of May 2008 decreased by 15.3%. Decreased by 7.0% over the previous month. Since July 2007 the supply volume in the same year last month, so it can be said in July 2008 to investigate the performance of the previous year. Overall market sales over the previous month by 11.2% to 6.0 billion 70 million U.S. dollars.

SN74HC164D Price

After talking about mobile phones, we look at the computer, the computer replaced the typewriter from twenty years ago, mainly to do word processing, to multimedia and SN74HC164D Price and the Internet ten years ago to increase functionality, and today can handle digital photos, MP3, MP4, you can play three games, its applications and capabilities have been increasing. This makes some people feel that computers are very mysterious; Other people think that computers can do anything, as long as the computer should be fully functional. This is what is called by application of a subdivision

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