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Ic SN74HC164N

manuscript has been submitted to the Ministry of Information Industry Office of the basic management of electronic technology for online publicity. Currently online publicity has ended and IC SN74HC164N and is awaiting approval will be sought expert "standard" views.

SN74HC164N Suppliers

Nanjing Daily reported (Wood Green intern Wang Lilei news correspondent ZOU) Recently, members of the public dial newspaper News Hotline 84499000 Ms. Zhang said she suspected "Su Xing," the companys employees to make money for her to commit fraud. According to Ms. Zhang said, the morning of July 23, at her home a 29 inch "Sony" TV suddenly would not open. So she according to a newspaper advertisement, a telephone call to the Soviet Star appliance repair company. That night, he sent an employee of the company site maintenance. Turn on the TV after the shell look at it, the caller said, TVs ignition coil is broken, to repair, then have to spend two or three hundred dollars, while also bring back the TV repair, and SN74HC164N Suppliers and to spend another 500 bucks new the calculations. The very fact that she was a bit do not believe, "how could a sudden ignition coil to be properly broken in?" So they did not agree to let the other repair. Later, she looked through a friend, a maintenance company to re-check again found that the TV did not a bad ignition coil, but nothing bad transistor. In addition, some lines inside the TV was "Su Xing," the companys staff has done with short-circuit. Important for the company for her a new transistor, and fixed lines, 180 were spent on maintenance. The very fact that the "Su Xing," the practice of employees suspected of fraud. In this regard, "Su Xing," an officer Lei admit that they check the results of the staff really made a mistake, it may be because they have enough staff carefully checked and their employees can not be said to be deliberately fraudulent. Zhang said, for whatever reason, he apologized on behalf of the Company to Mrs Lam said.

SN74HC164N Price

Zhongyuan (China) General Manager of Real Estate Research Center, said Dr. Cheng Yun, except for some developers "reluctant sellers cover plate" mentality exacerbated the tight supply situation outside the home, Beijing residential area of slow growth in new construction, residential area of negative growth in the completion of another important reason is that "90 square meters accounted for 70% of the" New Deal has yet to introduce the implementation details of where a large number of residential projects require design adjustments, resulting in time- delayed, this part of the project is expected to be adjusted as soon as possible in the design market.

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