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Ic SN74HC165N

TCPT1300X01 and IC SN74HC165N and TCUT1300X01 can be used in conjunction with code wheel for detecting rotary position and speed, or used, and a linear code strip to detect linear position and velocity . Dual-channel can also be used to detect the direction of TCUT1300X01, usually used for steering wheel optical encoding. For example, the steering wheel, speed, position and direction of critical output values measured by the encoder, electronic stability control system needs to work with these data, to help motorists to snow covered or wet roads safely. markets electronic products need more functionality, longer battery life and smaller geometries. Electronic devices and the increasing requirements of electronic products, the new devices are emerging.

SN74HC165N Suppliers

Semiconductor manufacturers have been hit in early 2007, sales plummeted. Downturn in the first quarter, making manufacturers Liushenwuzhu no cause, I do not know how long this situation. Many experts believe that such a situation caused by all because of: stock. However, what really makes factories and SN74HC165N Suppliers and sales sluggish application of reason to back the past two years. Why in the 2006 report of the fourth quarter of the semiconductor industry was still in short supply, and now early 2007 to the excess of it so quickly? Because the surface is not as simple. Surplus of 04 years, but 05 had been in balance. But in the end of 2005, chip maker substantial investment income more than 22%, the industry shifted to supply too much. 2006 mid-term, not only cutting-edge facility, including the supply chain of suppliers, vendors, have miscalculated the market needs. Then a lot of capital investment, resulting in excess production capacity. Fortunately, the fourth quarter of last year, semiconductor manufacturers have taken the right and difficult operations, reduce inventory, to pave the way for this years growing. Analysts estimate the relative lenjelinek isuppli 9% last year, global semiconductor sales this year, growing to reach 10.6.

SN74HC165N Price

2006 of computers, consumer, category three major areas of network communications IC market in China accounts for 88.5% share of which is still on computer maximum, while the communication IC of the fastest growing in 2006. telecommunications demand for IC products mainly from mobile phones and SN74HC165N Price and other communication products, in 2006 Chinas mobile phone, WLAN AP, router, mobile PBX, DSL, and VOIP terminal equipment and other products output grew more than 40% of downstream products directly promote Chinas high growth communications IC market achieved 39.6% growth. calculate the demand for IC products, mainly from the PC, notebook computers, printers, monitors , keyboard and mouse, and other products, due to intense market competition, product prices continued to decline, to a certain extent, affected the IC market growth in this area. consumer IC demand is mainly from MP3, MP4, DVD player, digital cameras and other emerging digital consumer products, due to the high growth rates in 2005 compared to a certain decline in output growth machine, so a direct result of consumer IC market in 2006 slower than the development of Computer and Communication class.

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