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"shortage of National Information Technology Training Project" (hereinafter referred to NITE) is the Ministry of Industry and IC SN74HC240NSR and Information Technology Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center (CSIP) in the Ministry of Information Industry, under the direct leadership, organization software and integrated circuits many domestic enterprises, research institutions and education and training institutions nationwide launch of the professional personnel training programs.

SN74HC240NSR Suppliers

"the current LCD and SN74HC240NSR Suppliers and plasma displays core technology lies in the hands of foreign companies. China will make arrangements ahead and concentrate resources, in pursuit of next-generation flat panel display technology to master the core technology." National Industry and Information Technology Department of Zhao Bo, deputy director of electronic information that, on the field of flat panel display, China will focus on supporting the development of OLED display technology.

SN74HC240NSR Price

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