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in this industry characteristics and IC SN74HC244NSR and market environment , the semiconductor industrys development is more difficult. Data show that in 2004, the worlds top 40 largest chip makers, the average operating profit by 23%, while that by 2007 had dropped to 12%, of which 15 losses. Such as the deduction of which Intel (Intel), TI (Texas Instruments), TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) and other 17 big profits, and the remaining 23 companies of its operating profit even -1%. Some time ago, the worlds second largest CPU (central processing unit) vendors AMD and the new extension of the negative sales and layoffs announced by 10%, while AMD had been in debt. Coincidentally, the worlds third largest memory vendor Qimonda --- also plans to sell its holdings in Inotera 35.4% of the shares, taking of one billion U.S. dollars in cash to alleviate the huge losses caused by the "brink of bankruptcy" financial pressure. It can be said, in a rapidly changing technological environment with an increasingly fierce market competition, in addition to Intel, TSMC, Qualcomm and a few other companies in a monopolistic position, the other semiconductor companies rely solely on "go it alone" to compete, not only difficult to obtain development and even has been difficult to survive. Forced by the current conditions, the formation of business alliances, coalition forces seek to rely on the survival and development has become an important competitive semiconductor market ways and means.

SN74HC244NSR Suppliers

through the major international analysis of our semiconductor alliance can be found that the current cooperation between the international semiconductor companies are mostly horizontal, that occur between direct competitors, rather than between the upstream and SN74HC244NSR Suppliers and downstream industry chain. Crolles2 alliance as NXP, ST and Freescale, its product line to a large extent, overlapping, and Infineon and Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and NEC, there are also some products compete.

SN74HC244NSR Price

Indeed, the union competition in the IT industry has been a common occurrence. Field in consumer electronics, such as the Sony-led Blu-ray camp and SN74HC244NSR Price and Toshiba is now defunct HD-DVD camp led by the confrontation between the once, in the field of mobile communications in the TD-SCDMA and WCDMA and CDMA2000 League competition camp and so on. In the domestic IC industry also includes Lenovo led "IGRS," Organization and led by the Haier "e Jia Jia" and many other IT companies alliance.

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