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experts said the standards will become relevant for quality control and IC SN74HC245DWR and inspection of enterprises an important basis for the glass industry for promoting the development of solar energy will play an active role in . In addition, the industry standard will seek to raise to a higher platform, to become the national standard.

SN74HC245DWR Suppliers

The standard certified by the China Building Material Test Center drafted. Stated in the standard solar glass is used to cover film crystalline silicon solar cells with high projection than glass. It is reported that there is no solar glass can refer to the corresponding international standards, general self-related enterprises at home and SN74HC245DWR Suppliers and abroad to develop the enterprise standard is only used in the production control, or incoming inspection. Because there is no uniform standard, solar cells and regulate the development of glass industry are severely constrained.

SN74HC245DWR Price

MOST Hamamatsu optical optical transceiver development (top left), developed by Mitsubishi Electric Car Monitor PDA (left), Japans Stanley Electric developed POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) (top right), the total industry in the development of Yazaki Bluetooth Gateway (in the below), developed by Stanley Electric light POF transceiver (right). Photo: Naoya Sato.

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