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With the recent price reduction Core2DuoCPU, many high-end users looking to buy from AMDX2, INTELPD shift to pork, but unfortunately, is the corresponding P965 motherboard has been high, which also forced many recent silver hand not very abundant, and IC SN74HCT244DBLE and is prepared to build a "pork platform" of users turning to a revision in the 945P motherboard can support ConroeCPU, although the price of these motherboards are relatively low, but were also able to support 1066 FSB and up to four The DDR2667 dual channel memory, compared with the end of the P965 is not a lot of them can vary.

SN74HCT244DBLE Suppliers

ViewSonic VX2240W back with the overall design of the whole vertical stripes, in unity to ensure that apart from the overall appearance, cooler. Controls in which the only silver streak silver the entire display area, the perfect combination of black and SN74HCT244DBLE Suppliers and silver, highlighted with silver stripes and the control buttons, making it easier for users operation.

SN74HCT244DBLE Price

South Korea displaybank published large-size LCD panel with light-emitting diode (led) the backlight of the global market forecast. Objects, including LCD monitors, notebook computers, LCD TV. The company forecasts that by 2010, led backlight in large-size LCD panel using the backlight of the market in Taiwan, the ratio of the number will reach 14.1%. The amount will reach 4.5 billion on 99 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 25.4% overall. In 2006, for the manufacture of large-size LCD panel backlight led very few statistically zero. By 2007, will reach about 510 million units, accounting for the backlight market to 1.5% in 2008 to about 1900 million units and SN74HCT244DBLE Price and 4.8% market share in 2009 to reach 42.1 million units and 9.6% in 2010 increasing rapidly to about 67.8 million units and 14.1%. Currently, the use of back-illuminated led lighting source as a large-size LCD panels only a few modules. displaybank said this is because the display area of intense price competition, lower costs must come first. In the future, led backlight when the speed depends on the popularity led to solve the backlight have heat problems, poor homogeneity and led chip light-emitting and low efficiency.

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