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Review of the explosion, we can see two original competitors, the semiconductor giants intentions. 2008 Nian 2 26, the two leading automotive semiconductor supplier Freescale and IC SN74HCT373DW and STMicroelectronics announced the first order dynamic system, body, instrument board and safety / chassis applications for the target microcontroller four car PowerArchitecture (MCU) products, which are the two companies co-design project started two years ago, the early results.

SN74HCT373DW Suppliers

Wang said that "our struggle - 2009 Kingston University Students care employment action" is precisely the purpose for Students facing difficulties. In fact, this year many companies have been involved in similar activities to the public good, such as this year's "China's future actions of your" 2009 ASUS Intel IT instructor training and SN74HCT373DW Suppliers and so on. Regardless of size, regardless of form, the important point is that these activities students can do a very good job to bring the exchange, sharing platform, to help students employment.

SN74HCT373DW Price

ICT research and SN74HCT373DW Price and management consultancy CCID Consulting Co., Ltd. issued "Chinas 2008-2009 Annual Report on OLED Industry" shows: While the amount of shipments and sales point of view, the current account for LCD the absolute market dominance, but with low power consumption of the OLED technology is still more significant development prospects. Self-luminous OLED, simple structure, ultra-thin, fast response, wide viewing angle, low power and features such as flexible displays can be realized, known as "Dream Displays", coupled with its production equipment investment is far less than the TFT-LCD obtained the favor of the major monitor manufacturers, has become the third-generation display technology display area of the main force.

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