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Ic SN74HCT574N

laptop with LED backlight penetration of a substantial increase in 2008, an institution predicted that in 2008 the market penetration of about 13% to 15% in 2009 have the opportunity to break through 40% of the LED industry, the future growth of the new momentum. Experts believe that overheating and IC SN74HCT574N and over-expensive large-size LED backlight is the source of the most difficult of the two issues, two issues remain to be time to solve, because the LED luminous efficiency increases and falling prices is inevitable, until the luminous efficiency of double LED can reduce the number of stars, will reduce heat, and the cost will drop. Generally estimated that the industry trend and then to wait for two years to make extensive use of the large-size LED backlight LCD. Run Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Jiangsu stable forest engineer package of books that the light-emitting diode (LED) used in LCD backlight trend is very clear, currently the fastest pace of small import, as used in notebook computers and LCD TVs with sizes large size, the latter meaning the replacement of the strongest. Because the LED has better color saturation, driving fast, light leakage can be reduced to increase contrast and other advantages, in the dynamic performance of the television images of the most able to play out. However, the required large-size panel LED too many teeth, so plagued by heat issues, has not been more economical solution. Another problem is the price too high, because not only the number of multiple stars, and to ensure quality selection of LED wavelengths to be equal to the cost even more moving upward. Therefore, this period is the size of LED application in good time.

SN74HCT574N Suppliers

3. The standard of the working status of the tested sample was defined. The adjustment of working conditions widely used by the current flat-panel TV industry testing standards SJ/T11348-2006 "Measurement of digital TV flat panel display" in the regulations. By adjusting the brightness and SN74HCT574N Suppliers and contrast, adjust the display can accurately show the status of gray levels (and this state is relatively unique), the normal working condition. This setting also coordinated our flat panel TV industry standards to ensure efficient testing and performance testing in the same state, is not fully reflected in the loss of performance based on the principles of energy efficiency. Meanwhile, the states clear that the test can guarantee that each flat panel TV product on the energy efficiency of an open and fair platform to compare products directly reflect the level of technology in energy saving.

SN74HCT574N Price

ASUS M2N-SLI DELUXE motherboard provides four USB interface. Networks and SN74HCT574N Price and integrated sound card onboard dual interface. SATA interface, IEEE1394 and extended to provide convenient mass storage users.

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