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Ic SN74LS123N

pin set features easy to integrate into the design of the clock AD9513, AD9514 and IC SN74LS123N and AD9515 in a small 32-lead LFCSP (lead frame chip scale package), you can close need to put the device clock. All three products have a four-level logic pins, used to set the divide ratios, phase offsets, delays and output logic levels. This pin can be set to function means that the devices do not configure the serial port, making it easy for designers to the new IC into existing circuits. All three devices are +3.3 V single power supply.

SN74LS123N Suppliers

(Electronic markets Reuters) announced yesterday DRAMeXchange contract price in late July, due to increased demand for early stocking OEM factory, DDR and SN74LS123N Suppliers and DDR2 contract price simultaneously take Young, the overall increase of up to two percent to five. Five percent, or more than market expectations. DDR due to tight supply and demand, or larger, DDR2 quote is from the first time since starting up in late June, showing the overall DRAM market economy was heating. August contract price outlook, the industry is expected to rally expected to continue. Peak season demand in the third quarter started, DDR first emergency supplies, contract prices rose in early July onwards, five hundred and twelve Mb DDR contract prices in early July has reached four. Seventy-eight U.S. dollars. Although demand for DDR2 see bottoming out, but offer only stable in recent months has seen rising in early July to maintain IV. Seventy-three U.S. dollars level. Set of states according to data released yesterday, in late July, five hundred and twelve Mb of DDR contract prices since the beginning of IV. Seventy-eight U.S. dollars rose to four. Ninety-three U.S. dollars, the highest increase of more than five. Five percent. As for DDR2, the five hundred and twelve Mb five hundred thirty-three MHz DDR2 contract price in late July, four. Eighty-three U.S. dollars, with an average increase of more than two percent. That the memory industry into the mid-July, after the traditional peak season effect for the overall DRAM buying appeared to stimulate the return of many OEM manufacturers predict the upcoming Microsofts new Vista operating system will drive the wave of new aircraft purchases, DELL, HP and other manufacturers are also based on quarter accounts for the end of market considerations, but also have increased purchases of DRAM factory.

SN74LS123N Price

Despite the lack of reliable data is limited due to supply-side delivery of extension of 2 weeks led to a situation has been reflected in the June quarter forecast, it is believed that due to market will enter the growing demand for further deterioration of the overheated state.

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