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Ic SN74LS688N

Zhou Shixiong that shipments from the panel and IC SN74LS688N and the area can be observed in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Chinas global product distribution, LCD TV shipments in 2007 to Japan accounted for 33% of large LCD monitors 86% of the Chinese mainland as the highest, and notebook computers from Taiwan, 36% of the living crown; shipping area in 2007, Japan and South Korea in LCD TV as the main, Taiwan and mainland China Zeyi LCD monitor as the main

SN74LS688N Suppliers

MIC III report published in the LCD panel industry, the global LCD TV and SN74LS688N Suppliers and notebook computer, the growth rate in 2011 is estimated to fall below 20%, of which only 9% of the LCD monitor will growth rate, notebook computers, the growth rate of 16%, LCD TVs growth rate of 17%. MIC Senior Industry Analyst Zhou Shixiong said panel makers on the next generation production line slowing pace of investment, is a global LCD panel production capacity growth rate of the overall gradual decline, and continued investment of time delay if the plant is estimated to 2008, the global LCD panel production capacity growth rate will fall to 17.9%. LCD monitor penetration rate in 2007 is close to 90%, about 35% of notebook computers, LCD TVs are more than 40%, LCD TV has become the traditional consumer goods, and notebook computers and LCD monitors in the consumer market demand will continue to drive. Zhou Shixiong and said demand for future consumption will continue towards the end of the development of large-size, 15.4-inch notebook will be the mainstream, 19-inch LCD monitor is more towards the development of LCD TV shipment share of more than 40 inches will also continue to increase.

SN74LS688N Price

As the authoritative national IT research and SN74LS688N Price and consulting organization - CCID Consulting Co., Ltd. announced at the forum for the development of Chinas automotive electronics market research. In recent years, Chinas auto industry is developing rapidly, especially in car industry, Chinas huge market potential has attracted worldwide attention of many well-known automobile manufacturers, these companies have to invest in China with the technology of these multinational companies, hardware, and production capacity protection, just a few years China has become the worlds leading car producer. The rapid development of automotive electronics products for the automotive industry provide a broad range of application markets, Chinas auto electronics market along with Chinas auto industry entered a rapid development period. In 2006, the rapid development of Chinas auto industry directly under the impetus of Chinas auto electronics market continues unabated, the annual automotive electronic products reached 86.76 billion yuan sales, year on year growth to nearly 40%.

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