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Introduction: LED light-emitting diodes (LightEmittingDiode, LED) for short, from the different types of LED can emit different wavelengths between the infrared to the blue light, the most attractive in recent years, the development of LED in blue Light LED coated with phosphor, the blue light into white light white LED products. It is not only efficient light energy directly into electrical energy, and IC SN74LVC04ADBR and have the most up to tens of thousands of hours to 10 million hours of service life, along with energy-saving, environmentally friendly mercury-free, small size, fast response, high shock, can be applied to low-temperature environment, with a directional light source, resulting in less light pollution, and the color saturation and color gamut, rich, etc., so the new LED light source known as the century. Following on from the fire and incandescent lighting after the third revolution, semiconductor lighting (LED) into the 21st century, the most promising high-tech areas. Office of Science and Technology National Semiconductor Lighting Master Ren Wuling, said in an interview, the semiconductor LED as an energy saving, environmental protection, the main technologies have been incorporated into the national long-term technology development plan with the "Eleventh Five-Year" national "863" high-tech industries and major projects give strong support.

SN74LVC04ADBR Suppliers

Is not difficult to see that the freedom of science and SN74LVC04ADBR Suppliers and technology brands Saina Pu Saina Pu (SENAP) of the strong launch, not only to enhance the application of domestic mobile phone brand payments industry specialization, and, more important is the overall promotion of the mobile device functionality and convenience to consumers the revolutionary life of the upgrading of the domestic mobile phone launched a new blueprint. Good prospects, we'll see.


Wang said China Mobile is interested in the sale of Apple iPad in the hope that iPad into the Chinese market. In addition, Wang also said China has been negotiating with Apple, want the next generation iPhone, to support China Mobile's TD-SCDMA3G standards.

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