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Recently, Olympus has announced, scheduled for January 20 next year on sale 4 / 3 system with a fish-eye lens ZUIKODIGITALED8mmF3.5Fisheye will change the release date. However, different from previous such information, sale date is not postponed, but a week earlier, that is, this fish-eye lens will be changed to January 13 next year on sale.

SN74LVC162244ADGGR Suppliers

Tseng Fan-cheng TSMC vice president, was invited to attend the June 1 VIA Technology Forum held in Taiwan, spoke on "the development trend of semiconductor," said the 90 and SN74LVC162244ADGGR Suppliers and advanced 65-nanometer chip manufacturing process, the future is expected to continue Moores Law continue to move forward, however, headache is the lack of useless these processes need to use their end-application products are now very hard to find. Tseng Fan-cheng noted that in order to provide a more complete foundry services, TSMC has set multiple levels of vertical integration and manufacturing processes to improve the direction of the two, namely the one hand, invested heavily in nanotechnology research and development 90,65, or even advanced 45-nanometer technology, manufacturing technology to maintain the leading position, the other is around now ripe to expand the customer manufacturing process.

SN74LVC162244ADGGR Price

It is understood, TCL from the end of last year to start its mobile phone business to shrink its adjustment, in addition to layoffs, but withdrew from many areas of research and SN74LVC162244ADGGR Price and development center, the Western Digital R & D center in Chongqing is also in this case withdrawal The.

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