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Radiohead frontman Tom Mu Yueke more revolutionary attitude is music in the blog, said: "Now a critical moment, we are happy with the rotting decay the traditional music business model to say goodbye. " And in the moment, advertising, video sites are still being seen as the most lifeline, especially "burn" the most sharing sites is staggering.

SN74LVC16245ADGGR Suppliers

I angry! This is to understand the deception of consumers, not to consumers themselves out of the box, or not responsible, nor door installation, buy a really bought a Konka TV "display." Konka sale angrily to the complaint, failed. I questioned, home consumers to buy television after the installation is to enjoy the first time a service is basic, since the purchase of a Konka TV, buy the product also bought the service, so it seems after-sales service is also Konka is a display! Imagine, even the installation of service consumers can not enjoy, if TV really is a problem, since the service is really hard to imagine ... ... Konka been promoting their products exempt, services? Not need a good review, or even the services are "free" it? "If the next few years, there is a network company to go beyond Google, then the company will appear in the P2P network video broadcast field." In 2006, Softbank president of Sun the words of Justice gave its people Xuemaibizhang network video industry.

SN74LVC16245ADGGR Price

from the China Semiconductor Industry Association statistics, Chinas IC design industry in 2007 increased by 21.2% sales of 22.57 billion yuan, IC manufacturing industry grew 23.0% on sales of 39.79 billion yuan, packaging and SN74LVC16245ADGGR Price and testing industry increased by 26.4%, sales of 62.77 billion yuan. If released by CCID Consulting, the scale of the annual market demand for 562.37 billion yuan terms, Chinas domestic IC design products account for only 4% of total market sales, no wonder many times to get more Yu-Chung imports of domestic oil imports compared with IC comparison, the worlds largest semiconductor market in China, we own only 4% of the share. Frankly speaking, the local IC design of all products made in China the lowest market share in China, one of the products, even more accurate, this market share in Chinas semiconductor demand is not as rapid expansion of the market enhance the contrary, in the fall.

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