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Nexperia PNX4903 ULC market to meet the RF performance, energy consumption indicators, related functions and IC SN74LVC1G14DBVR and overall cost of the overall performance of the competing demands. RF performance of the network planning flexibility, particularly in emerging markets, poor network coverage in rural areas. The user is too concentrated in urban areas, RF poor performance of the phone would interfere with adjacent channels, thus affecting the efficiency of the entire mobile network. Low power consumption makes the phone battery to maintain operation stability of the process while achieving a good standby time and talk time. Smaller battery size is also much thinner mobile phones to meet the design requirements.

SN74LVC1G14DBVR Suppliers

NXP Semiconductors (NXP Semiconductors) today announced for the "ultra-low cost (ULC +)" mobile phone market segments Nexperia PNX4903 GSM / GPRS optimized multimedia solutions, the further performance of the emerging wireless technology market research and SN74LVC1G14DBVR Suppliers and development commitment. PNX4903 single-chip integrated circuits to achieve a complete operating system level, providing a high level of integration and performance, as for the ultra low cost handsets with multimedia features the most cost-effective solutions. A brand new ULC + concept, NXPs solutions continue to enhance the level of technology to enable mobile phone OEM / ODM to a reliable, low-cost, low power consumption of the overall program for entry-level mobile phone users with rich multimedia content.


The new 1GB Micro-DIMM DRAM-based Qimonda energy saving technology, using the eight single-chip 1Gb DDR2 particles. Directly connected to the DIMM using thin mezzanine connector, compared with the same area of micro-DIMM SO-DIMM density of one-third less in order to achieve super UMPC and SN74LVC1G14DBVR Price and other portable electronic devices more compact design. The module height of 30mm and can be installed in the PC board, the ability of decoupling capacitors to further reduce the memory space requirements.

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