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current technology trends such as LED and IC SN74LVC245APWR and OLED technology, through the efforts of major manufacturers, solid state lighting in both efficiency and cost improvements to improve the penetration of solid-state lighting. This section lists the general and solid-state lighting technology development direction and potential of high-efficiency lights.

SN74LVC245APWR Suppliers

However, when it can enter the commercialization of OLED lighting market, also issues of concern to the public. Although the advantages of OLED lighting products, as many, however there is currently no commercial products, the key lies in its low light efficiency, high cost. 2015, OLED light-emitting efficiency of fluorescent lamps will be quite, but because of high prices, it estimates the total lighting OLED lighting market value will be less than 4 %. The 2020, because OLED lighting, luminance, luminous efficiency, and SN74LVC245APWR Suppliers and prices will be more close to the LED will be acceptable to consumers, the general lighting market is estimated that OLED lighting market will reach $ 8,000,000,000 , the proportion of the total lighting market by more than about 1.

SN74LVC245APWR Price

In addition to these features outside, OLED still has multiple advantages, of which the following is at the other lighting technology can not replace, such as light-emitting OLED is a diffuse area light source, so emitting a softer light, and SN74LVC245APWR Price and the appearance of both the thin and light; Moreover, the use of a flexible substrate, you can change into different shapes; In addition, the use of a transparent electrode, then do not turn on the lights, the light transmission like a glass-like. These functions, making OLED lighting applications will range more widely than other lighting technology.

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