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Police Min Conkey (phonetic) said that the survey asked about their right to a man reported that he was deceased colleagues working in a quarry. Later confessed to the police a right to: "Xu was reversing command for me, I did not notice. I drive heavy equipment drilling machine locomotive hit him." Fear of being found, the right lied to the police when a report Xu body cell phone battery to explode. An explanation right after the case, police have arrested him.

SN74LVC2G00DCTR Suppliers

By the Beijing Changan (Group) Electronic Co., Ltd. Henderson launched Chinas first with independent intellectual property rights, for stomach, esophageal reflux disease, upper gastrointestinal pH, HYW dynamic tester come out in Beijing recently, after 8 years . It is understood that the instrument can measure 24 hours a pH value of the stomach and SN74LVC2G00DCTR Suppliers and the esophagus, the analog-digital conversion, recording and storage by the microprocessor, and then the computer system of processing, printing and a variety of tables, histograms, trends, etc. clinical basis, to achieve a long-term continuous measurement of pH, the body of objective and quantitative. Completed the development of the instrument for reflux disease and respiratory and non-cardiac chest pain due to gastroesophageal reflux disease and other diseases caused by throat clinical diagnosis of incurable diseases and pathological and physiological clinical research, providing an effective tools and instruments. In particular, as "stomach, esophageal reflux symptoms, and in the endoscope, the esophageal mucosa and normal" patients, providing a reliable and objective diagnosis. It is reported that the application of the instrument recognized by the international community is the diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) the preferred method. At present, the instrument through the Third Affiliated Hospital of Peking University School of Medicine, Beijing Childrens Hospital, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, the top three hospitals and other clinical trials, and the Chinese Medical Association and other authoritative departments gastroenterology experts in the identification, reaching a level similar imported equipment, to fill the the domestic blank in this field.


The e-book minimum 4-inch screen size, the largest 9 inches, the actual price from 400 yuan to 1,500 yuan per month. E-book cottage has two categories is to use the E-ink e-ink screen, Sipix electronic paper display screen such as the use of professional e-book cottage e-books, e-book display of such black and SN74LVC2G00DCTR Price and white color of the cottage, can not access, function, and Han Wang and other brands of the same book, the actual price of 1,000 yuan; another although the name is also called e-books, but the screen using a normal LCD screen, the display is color, in addition to an electronic reader, but also built-in audio Play, WiFi Internet access and other functions, the actual price is low, mostly at 800 yuan.

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