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Linear Technology Corporation (Linear Technology Corporation) introduced LTC4308 and IC SN74LVC32ADR and LTC4309, which extends the I2C and SMBus bus buffer with the rise time accelerator series. With the flapper continues to increase, the cumulative capacitance began to seriously extend the rise time. The bus with a bus buffer can reduce this problem into paragraphs, but if the buffer offset is too large, may violate the logic low voltage performance specifications. LTC4308 level as low as 1V conversion optimization, and use very low power for the bus pull into a negative offset voltage, while the LTC4309 has a low offset voltage, fault flag, start prohibition disconnect and accelerator functions. The two can be hot-swappable in the two-wire bus buffer I / O card into the live backplane to prevent signal corruption, and in accordance with I2C and SMBus specifications provide capacitive isolation.

SN74LVC32ADR Suppliers

New Japan Radio has developed digital signal processor DSP (Digital Signal Processor) NJU26123, and SN74LVC32ADR Suppliers and began sample shipments. The product can be separately TV, mini stereo, tape recorders, audio speaker systems, and other fine-tune the sound quality.

SN74LVC32ADR Price

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