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According to his analysis, this year, international commodity prices soared. In China, CPI due to its composition accounted for 34% of food, so for the global commodities was very intense. Sharp rise in food prices, will definitely have great impact on China. In addition, Chinas CPI, investment and IC SN75176BDR and higher proportion of goods and investment goods is also subject to great influence on international commodity prices.

SN75176BDR Suppliers

regardless of whether the positive growth in prices this year, will gradually stabilize in the second half rebound has already reached a consensus in the academic community. So, we are familiar with the offensive whether the rapid inflation will follow it? China International Capital Co., Ltd. Ha Jiming, chief economist think it will. He said that inflation in China and SN75176BDR Suppliers and other developing countries than the United States came earlier, Chinas inflation will come true next year.

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Dong first also believes that the end of this year, CPI will appear positive growth year on year. Zhejiang Securities macroeconomic researcher Tao Jinggang but thought that, CPI trend will be picked up beginning in October, the annual CPI trend of negative growth so far has not changed. He said the new prices of factors will be in May 2009 became the main factors affect the CPI. At present, the seasonal factors will make the ring than in the September CPI is still negative growth before the main.

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