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Ic SN75372D

Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA) Director-General Laijia Jiang pointed out that the PCB in Taiwan more than 30% of the total Chinese market, the future target of 50%, while the Taiwan Strait in the global market share of 20%. Laijia Jiang said that the global status of the circuit board production run, second half of 2003, the marriage of electronic products demand in the mobile phone replacement color flat panel display products of Tide and IC SN75372D and popularity, the global PCB industry out of the doldrums, the global PCB industry wrote in 2004 15.8% record high growth, the rate of 5.8% in 2005 Zeyi stable growth. According to the U.S. PCB market research company Prismark estimates that the global PCB production value in 2006 of 10.8% and then fight a long 480 million, of which the output value of 10.5 billion U.S. dollars in Japan branch of a total output value of Shanghai outside of about 13.8 billion first in the world, Taiwanese PCB plant output of about 11.4 billion U.S. dollars at home and abroad ranked second, accounting for 23% of global market share, second only to Japan, Japan and Taiwan combined total market station a rate of more than half of the world the strong, showing that Asia has become the worlds most important PCB production base. Laijia Jiang pointed out that in recent years, Taiwan-funded enterprises to continue to enhance their own technology to set up factories in China operations on the branch of odd bucket gradually emerging, gradually narrow the gap between value created by Ken asked the distance, the future is expected to break even Japan as the worlds largest PCB manufacturing persons.

SN75372D Suppliers

applications including major roads and SN75372D Suppliers and highway lighting (It should be up to 20K lumens or more brightness, and 250W power input) and professional applications such as stage lighting and architectural floodlighting. Used in high power LED applications, a key driving force to bring the reliability and low power consumption, low cost of ownership. For example, the system efficiency can be low pressure sodium lamps and metal halide and compared. The initial costs are more likely to continue in the short term the market entry threshold.

SN75372D Price

LEDs advantages do not say, now restricted the development of LED lamps biggest problem is the cost of the general publics first impression of the LED is expensive, but taking into account the tariff , life, maintenance cost and SN75372D Price and other comprehensive, LED is a good move to save money. LED lights enterprises that with the worsening international economic crisis this year, in 2009 the market will inevitably reduce the prices of raw materials, which also makes the LED lights and accessories manufacturing cost of housing down. Meanwhile, with the R & D technology development, market launch will be more efficient, cheaper LED light-emitting chip, which will largely reduce the production costs of LED lights. Lower prices, coupled with government support, industry promotion and public recognition, LED lights will surely huge development prospects of Chinas enterprises, 2009 will be LED lights onto the golden period of development beginning.

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