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Ic SN75C1406DW

Only in the field of LCD panel production with Samsung and IC SN75C1406DW and a few other eighth-generation production line manufacturers, can be cut and manufacture 50-inch LCD monitor and LCD TV above the required high-level panel. Taiwan, China manufacturers to use the six or seven generations on behalf of panel technology, mainly for 50-inch display products. IntelCEOPaulOtellini just said 32nmWestmere family of processors more than 30 samples have been shipped to OEM manufacturers, we saw one of the dual-core models Clarkdale.

SN75C1406DW Suppliers

ON Semiconductor (ONSemiconductor,) introduced a very high precision NCP590 series of dual output CMOS low dropout (LDO) voltage regulator. The devices use ultra-small, low-profile package, ideal for battery-powered consumer and SN75C1406DW Suppliers and microprocessor-controlled portable applications such as mobile phones, personal digital assistant (PDA), GPS and portable media players (PMP). NCP590LDO series of each output can deliver up to 300 milliamperes (mA) of current, in particular, a combination of technology and architecture to provide fast customer response and high flexibility. 0.8 volts (V) to 5V voltage range can meet the different needs of customers. Regardless of what type of capacitor, or in no-load conditions, NCP590 can stability. NCP590 set point output voltage accuracy is ± 0.9%, operating voltage input up to 5.5V, high-performance applications to meet the very tight overall error budget. This series of ultra-low pressure drop (150mV @ Iout = 300mA) and low ground current consumption, voltage regulator to maintain the state for longer and longer battery life. The combination of performance characteristics 2mmx2mmx0.9mmDFN-8 package, the NCP590 family is ideal for all battery-powered consumer and microprocessor-controlled applications. The devices are thresholds below with two start-1V (ENABLE) pin, increased flexibility, support for the latest application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chip set and power management unit (PMU) platform. NCP590 provides short circuit, undervoltage lockout and thermal overload protection, is to maintain a high system level performance of an ideal solution. NCP590 compensation within the integrated voltage regulator, it can be maintained in the transient case, the precise voltage regulation. When closed, the internal active discharge circuit will speed up the desired output response. NCP590 DFN-8 package with each in 10,000 unit quantities of 0.37 dollars.

SN75C1406DW Price

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