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Ic SP3220EC

MEMS foundry TSMC to ensure that customers are still flocking to high-quality sites, according to Digitimes reported, although two or three years before entering the MEMS TSMC foundry market, but offer MEMS foundry over the teeth to other MEMS foundry 4 to 5 times as expensive as many, especially in the TSMC for quality assurance and IC SP3220EC and delivery is absolutely linked to the premise, the customer is readily accepted as noble as the OEM offer, plus bonus TSMC is an unprecedented 200 Test wafer can be said to be good to ensure before mass production, so a lot of customers still in droves. However, TSMC not respond to this. Part of the TSMC foundry industry will be described as a Mercedes-level price quotation, the last process in the CMOS foundry, TSMC will offer expensive than other foundries, but the situation also occurred in the MEMS foundry market, MEMS manufacturers have indicated, the general level of MEMS foundry TSMC customers purchase about 60 million, he just fab than some 4 to 5 times as expensive. MEMS manufacturers pointed out that for the MEMS foundry TSMC, the comparison to the general foundry CMOS process, the process is still quite special, to spend more time training, and may have to spend a few months time, yield will be available to OEM production stage, the total cost of these related OEM customers must pay. However, MEMS customers that TSMC can understand why such an expensive purchase, as TSMC must be used in the manufacturing process to some and not the same foundry CMOS processes and process machinery and equipment, so customers have to pay more MEMS foundry costs. In addition, TSMC CMOS process has long been accumulated OEM good credit, both in quality, delivery, or even yield, so that customers can be said to have no worries, part of the MEMS foundries, TSMC and even with donated about 200 test wafers, 100% customer satisfaction, this strategy also does work, and many MEMS customer orders.

SP3220EC Suppliers

YORK Guangzhou July 16 News Service as Samsung's first to support the MP4 player, RM player, Samsung YP-CP3 can play RM, RMVB, AVI, WMV video formats, and SP3220EC Suppliers and equipped with a DNSe2.0 sound, with very high audio quality is one of the few high-quality MP4. Recently, the Samsung YP-CP3 has arrived in Guangzhou market, and currently sells for 4G/799 yuan, still do not change the noble figure.

SP3220EC Price

Comfortable behind the wheel AR505 laser line identification, the mouse tail and SP3220EC Price and marked with the letters fullspeedengineinside illustrate this mouse uses a high-speed laser engine. Advantage of the laser engine provides more precise control, but also in more comfortable on the surface of the line using BenQ G2411HD 16:9 HD LCD big screen as a leader, with its excellent performance, beautiful appearance. Currently, the arrival of the display again, prices have gone up For 1590 dollars.

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