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First of all, with the synthesis of the gold wire bonding changes in demand for flip-chip growth. STATS ChipPAC (Singapore), flip chip and IC SP3220ECY and charge, vice president of new product Raj Pendse explains, "The rapid growth of the cost of gold, there has been significant change." "Often will use mobile products and platforms wire bonding, in the future We believe that will be laminated to the 3-D and the direction of development. some performance reasons led us to consider flip-chip technology. using flip chip to reduce chip size can be better, and the silicon used in mobile applications are changing more closely (higher I / O density). soaring price of gold wire bonding to make use of the profit and loss point of a lower pin count to the direction of bias. mobile and handheld applications typically have a 200-700 lead. The profit and loss point of using flip-chip in about 1000 I / O, that is, most computer and electronic game pins range. But now, flip chip and wire bonding of the profit and loss point down to 500 I / O. from the circuit board in terms of performance and cost, I think that the application of 200-700 feet will be a great transformation - from mobile to mobile phones, digital cameras and other handheld electronic products started. Industry sector approach to cope with the rising price of gold is the use of copper wire or finer diameter wire bonding. or directly used to replace flip-chip wire bonding ." on the flip-chip ball grid array ( BGA) system in package (SiP) the need for this type of flip chip is growing. (Source: STATS ChipPAC )

SP3220ECY Suppliers

"Cyberspace to transform." Cyber Digital Plaza Executive Zhu Jiayi said in an interview, "Cyber future will create new IT stores, the prototype is that we just won the bid by the end of April in Taipei in Taipei information Park BOT case, the standard case ."

SP3220ECY Price

together with the auto market, automotive semiconductor industry this year will see a sharp decline. However, according to market research firm Databeans said, more and SP3220ECY Price and more electronic content for the auto market will soon recover.

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