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Parts of large power consumption, the ultra-reliable power supply can provide effective protection for users using multiple hard drives, dual-core processor users, the formation of ultra-SLI power supply to users is necessary. In addition ultra-efficient power conversion on the power much better and IC SP3220EEA-L/TR and cooling equipment is very reliable. Ensures excellent heat dissipation and power supply stability; more rational design, more suitable for DIY users. DIY users often plug power supply interface, the interface design of high-end products have more scientific and humane. Better performance quality is super high power supplies are the reason we are concerned about, take the current high-end test platform for a reference, two 8800GTX QX6700 overclocked to 3600MHz, running 3DMark06, power consumption is approximately 555W, dual card near the power of 256W, power instantaneous power was estimated at: 555W × 1.5 = 830W, amazing value.

SP3220EEA-L/TR Suppliers

Friends of the base technology is the leading digital equipment manufacturers, with strong research and SP3220EEA-L/TR Suppliers and development, through the Friends of the decoder chip based on the TelechipsTCC723 after the second development, Friends of the base of the MP3 decoder chip used TCC723 player has: faster response, greater ability to decode the system more stable, more features and so on. In late 2004, Friends of the base technology publishing complete TelechipsTCC72X series MP3 products, including magic wizard UG723SE, leader UG723F and other products, each product by volume is divided into different versions of the color in the market price, the Friends of the base technology also promises "mid-price, high-quality ", it seems, in the end MP3 market will usher in the era Telechips.

SP3220EEA-L/TR Price

participate in the meeting of the Provincial Science and SP3220EEA-L/TR Price and Technology Office of the Deputy Director Ye Jing map does not deny the promotion of 100,000 LED lights, LED lighting technology will trigger a battle with the market, "We want through the promotion of LED lamps, LED industry to enhance the independent innovation capability and overall competitiveness ."

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