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Ic SP3223ECY

With the development of modern manufacturing methods, production equipment is moving in a flexible, multi-functional, network direction, it is hoped that the function of the controller to reconfigure, modify, extend and IC SP3223ECY and modify or even re- generation, so that the controller had the "open" requirements. Open the controller manufacturers want higher performance and low cost control and improve product competitiveness. Manufacturing information integration, decentralization of the production system also contributed to the opening of the controller. Internet technology is changing the controllers open and laid the material foundation. Open architecture CNC research began in 1987 with funding from the U.S. governments NGC (Next Generation Controller) project. The aim is to achieve interoperability and based on hierarchical software modules of the "open architecture standards" SOSAS (Specification for an Open System Architecture Standard). 1994 by the American Chrysler Corp, Ford Motor and General Motors Powertrain Group Big Three auto companies have proposed OMAC (Open Modular Architecture Controllers) program, the goal is to reduce the investment cost control and maintenance costs, improve machine utilization, provide hardware and software Modules "Plug and Play" and efficient reconstruction mechanism controller, shorten product development cycles, which make the system easy replacement as soon as possible to keep up with development of new technologies and adapt to changes in demand. From the live video view, the grand Mount e Bambook women who became the main way to overcome loneliness, pillow, table, sofa, Moroccan women have hands does not address the "volume", which really should be a case saying: Reading is good way to overcome loneliness !

SP3223ECY Suppliers

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SP3223ECY Price

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