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IDE technology is a major breakthrough in the field of hard disk, you can say it is a new invention of human memory. It led to the rapid development of the hard disk, also contributed to the popularity of storage technology. But with the progress of mankind, science and IC SPCA500A and technology and technological innovation, IDE technology has been unable to meet market demand, from the perpendicular recording technology in 2006, since the storage media, SATA has been a people's expectations, it will have not only stability, security features, but also has breakthrough single platter capacity of technical limitations. Let him fast the other core elements of popularity, but also the cost of SATA has a unique advantage in cost-effective promotion, 2008, universal access to SATA technology, it also made brilliant IDE hard drives for many years to become "martyrs."

SPCA500A Suppliers

Also need to support one billion color display 10bit output card. HP, the company's sale scheduled from AMD (ATI) of the workstation GPU "FireGL" next-generation models (RV770) to 10 billion colors displayed.

SPCA500A Price

Ford, iSupplis statement that: "The first quarter, chip sales rose 1.1% qoq. This is the first time since 2004, the first quarter of the chain growth since 2002 also represents the strongest growth, revenue was up 5.4 %."

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