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Ic SPX1117M3-ADJ

"Petroleum and IC SPX1117M3-ADJ and Chemical Industry Industry Science and Technology Award" was approved by the National Science and Technology (National Science Award She Certificate Zi No. 0109) to establish the countrys industry-oriented science and technology awards, is to fully mobilize the work of the oil and chemical Automation Technology the enthusiasm and creativity, recognize and encourage the promotion of oil and chemical industrial automation, information technology business development, petroleum and chemical industry to promote technological advances have made outstanding contributions to the establishment of collective and individual. By the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association of automation contractors, reviewed each year, award one time. "Petroleum and Chemical Industry Industry Science and Technology Award" in accordance with the provisions of the Office of Evaluation Committee to organize the procedures and review the 2006 "Oil and Chemical Industry Automation Science and Technology Award," the 14 winning projects, including a first prize; second prize of six items; third seven. Winning projects will now be the name of the main unit and the completion of principal persons, etc. to the public through the media to solicit objections. Since the date of publication, objections for 30 days. Objections, if any period in the objection to the application of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association of Science and Technology Awards Office of the written comments and stated the real name, affiliation, address and telephone number. Address: Dongcheng District, Beijing, seven areas of peace in the Building 16, Room 505 Zip code: 100013

SPX1117M3-ADJ Suppliers

DS25CP104 chip function is available, can improve the signal integrity, in line with SMPTE 424M XAUI telecommunications equipment and SPX1117M3-ADJ Suppliers and professional video system, the strict requirements. Example of power consumption for this product consumes only per channel 122mW, and no matter cables or FR-4 backplane transmission signal, the chip is enhanced or balanced treatment from the FPGA or application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) of the signal. Chip common mode input voltage range is very wide, so no coupling capacitor can also be used to support low-voltage positive emitter coupled logic (LVPECL), current-mode logic (CML) and LVDS signal levels, etc.. System design engineers can use an external pin control or a serial system management bus (SMBus) configuration, the configuration DS25CP104 chips with greater flexibility. The cross point switch circuit also has a 8kV of electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, and the LVDS input / output pin also another 100-Ohm terminal device, thereby reducing the number of insertion loss and components, thus reducing circuit board area .

SPX1117M3-ADJ Price

But now, CMMB mobile phone can only use TD, TD only a few million mobile phone users. The industry believes that after the triple play, CMMB standard is expected to load the phone at all, as a mobile phone with camera configuration.

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