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Ic SRDA05-4

Bio-sensor array is an automatic detector of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, hepatitis B virus and IC SRDA05-4 and other pathogens in clinical testing of new clinical testing equipment, which combines the biological advantages of chips and biosensors will be introduced into routine clinical indicators of the physical detection of molecular biology diagnostics , bio-sensor chip surface according to the frequency of changes reflect real-time target molecule content of clinical samples tested. In the municipal science and technology plan project, "biological sensor chips and the automatic detector key technologies" in support of the CLP Group, Southwest Hospital and twenty-six cooperation, overcome the array surface temperature in situ amplification of target sequences, peptide nucleic acid joint detection with piezoelectric array technology, the surface of gold film sensor array key technology to directly detect nucleic acid technology, the creative end of proposed biological response of the sensor to determine methods for the biological response of piezoelectric sensors to determine the end point has laid a solid theoretical foundation. On this basis, the successful production of piezoelectric quartz resonator biosensor chip, the level of shear acoustic plate wave (sh-apm) bio-sensor chip, and plug-type bio-sensor chip array, developed with independent intellectual property rights of Chinas first piezoelectric biosensor automatic detector array and associated pesav2.0 analysis software, and rise with the Beijing Wang Technology Co., Ltd a joint product development, the product has received the production license issued by Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration and the product registration card . Papers of 18 projects, which included three sci apply for a national invention patent. The success of the product, rich in clinical tests, clinical testing has opened up new avenues for raising the level of the laboratory diagnosis, and the city mems and medical device industry has played a positive role in promoting. In the Chongqing municipal government and the energetic efforts of the German Research Department, Southwest Hospital and Research Institute of the German fraunhofer signed bilateral cooperation agreement, Germany will introduce a bio-chip, Southwest Hospital, patented technology, to develop "dna biosensors."

SRDA05-4 Suppliers

MC9S12XF series features § 50MHz S12X core, 16-bit CISC-based architecture and SRDA05-4 Suppliers and efficient § integrated single / dual-channel FlexRay v2.1, each channel supports 2.5,5 , 8, and 10 Mb / s data rate § FlexRay clock, with a frequency ranging from 4MHz to 40MHz crystal oscillator, the use of PLL (PLL) to achieve optimal cost and EMC XGATE § integrated modules provide up to 100 MIPS the extra processing power § 512KB, 384KB, 256KB and 128KB flash memory options of automotive quality, with error correction code (ECC) § 2KB and 4KB of EEPROM; 16KB, 24KB and 32KB of RAM § 16-channel ADC (ADC ), configurable 8-/10-/12-bit resolution, conversion time only 3μs § integrated motor control module, using the 6-channel pulse width modulator (PWM), with fault protection and current sense input to support the control area network § (CAN), local interconnect network (LILN) and serial peripheral interface (SPI) protocol § Enhanced periodic interrupt timer, with three simultaneous sources (ADC, PMF trigger function, and enhance motor control algorithms) §-type package choice, according to I / Os need to expand § S12X Series offers a wide range of tools to support SAF7115 SAF7113 and SAF7118 by the decoder and encoder SAF7129A composition, expansion of the existing automotive applications, NXP is committed to the video chip product line.

SRDA05-4 Price

SAF7115 video decoder can handle differential input, reducing the decoder on the engine and SRDA05-4 Price and vehicle operation noise sensitivity, car manufacturers so as to provide the highest possible image quality and performance. By reducing the overall infotainment system, shielded cable inputs, differential inputs provide a more cost-effective and high quality performance.

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