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Ic SRDA3.3-4

" WM8903 completely uses innovative new technology, and IC SRDA3.3-4 and is the Wolfson AudioPlus? product line with Pure Audio, Smart Power, True Mics and Enhanced Soundware technologies such as combining elements of successful cases ."

SRDA3.3-4 Suppliers

(Electronic markets Reuters) REVIEW Shenzhen Netac announced in Beijing that it has in the February 10, 2006 in the United States sued PNY company, PNY is the U.S. computer storage market, one of the major retailers, the company asked PNY Netac to stop infringement of its patents, the patent is the flash disk, flash memory MP3 and SRDA3.3-4 Suppliers and other digital products, mobile basic patent. Has been quiet for more than a year patent case regeneration waves flash drive, today announced in Beijing, Shenzhen Netac the company has been in 10 February 2006 the company in the United States sued PNY, PNY is the U.S. computer storage market, one of the major retailers, PNY Netac seeks to stop infringing its patents, the patent is the flash disk, flash memory MP3 and other digital products, mobile basic patent. Deng Guoshun, president of Netac, said the company sued PNY IT field in the milestone, Netac has enough confidence to obtain favor, PNY will face the most severe punishment, while Netac USB flash memory will also be the highest ever patent infringement compensation. Deng Guoshun told reporters that the alternative to the flash drive floppy drive, flash drive market has become very large, even bigger than the MP3 market, Netac through legal means to defend their rights, patents granted in the future Netac benefits gained the objective, he stressed Netac is an innovative company with independent, Netac is working on flash memory instead of CD-ROM technology, intellectual property need to be maintained, the market need for healthy competition. Netac franchise company in the United States v. PNY flash memory company will have an impact on the domestic market? Patriot branded flash drives and other products produced Beijing Huaqi is another company because the patent is Netac sued the company, China Flag awaiting trial, vice president of information that the two countries, China and the United States, different laws, patents are different definition, two cases are not comparable, Netac sued the U.S. company will not have any impact on the Aigo, Aigo and Lang present Division of patent litigation is still in the second trial phase.

SRDA3.3-4 Price

SMART's liquid-cooled VLPDDR2Registered this memory of the many who gathered patented SMART, SMART is the first sign of CoolFlex architecture, this memory is surrounded by a collapsible PCB, combined with DDP (dual-die-package ) packaging technology, you can install up to four high-capacity memory chips to achieve the low height of the module structure. Folded PC

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