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Express News, yesterday, the reporter in the United States, Suning Appliance stores found that generally favored customers to buy television flat-panel TVs. According to report, early in December last year, Sony, Panasonic increased than the first strong wind off the price, Hisense, Skyworth, Xiamen Overseas Chinese and IC SSU1N60B and other local brands in a comprehensive follow-up, made 42-inch 32-inch LCD and plasma have been below 1 million mark. At present, the localization of the 37-42 inch flat panel supermarkets are doing promotion, through the cash back, gifts and other forms in turn the price down about 15%. Suning to buy a TV in the Sun, said the New Year, want to get a new TV home for the elderly, friends have recommended to buy the plate. He has seen several, 30 to 34 inches mostly in the price of more than 5,000 pieces. According to store staff said that at present, the price of 6,000 yuan a good flat-panel TV market. According to the forecast of several major appliance stores during this period, large-sized plasma and LCD TV sales will account for 70% of the proportion of TV more than the overall average decline of up to three into a 42-inch plasma will be reduced to less than 1 million, 27 inch below the price of 4,000 yuan mark for the first time.

SSU1N60B Suppliers

as the Institute of State Administration of Radio broadcasting holding company, the same as the core enterprise standards CMMB, Beijing Intimex Century Technology Co., Ltd. President and SSU1N60B Suppliers and CEO Mr. Shen Hong Bing Telepath products, warm congratulations on the successful launch: "Telepath time launched the first production prospects with CMMB demodulator chip standard that makes us feel very excited. This is Chinas emerging mobile broadcast industry, towards feasible chip solution is an important milestone on the road. We achieved significant results Telepath congratulations, and innovation through cooperation of Infineons business model such an open great collaboration offered thanks. "

SSU1N60B Price

SAN FRANCISCO Nov. 21 News Seagate Technology (Seagate) today announced the beginning of the supply to the global dealer brand new Maxtor desktop and SSU1N60B Price and notebook computers dedicated hard drive, system manufacturers and retailers to bring more diversity of product features, warranty, service and support, and different price options. Both product design and manufacturing, are integrated into Seagate consistent quality and reliability, so MaxtorDiamondMax desktop and MobileMax notebook hard drive to help system builders special sights more customers. Through the launch of new products, strengthen Seagate Maxtor's DiamondMax3.5 inch desktop hard drive product line and introduced new notebook computers for MobileMax2.5-inch hard drive. DiamondMax hard drives on the market for initial maximum capacity of 320GB, with mainstream features, cache capacity and performance. MobileMax equipped with 80GB hard drive capacity and 5400RPM rotational speed, the supply to the mainstream notebook computer notebooks and white card. Brand new Maxtor hard drive will provide the 3-year warranty; In addition, consumers purchased through authorized distribution channels of the Seagate brand hard drives, including Barracuda and Momentus drives, will continue to enjoy industry-leading 5-year warranty. By MaxtorDiamondMax and MobileMax product line by adding two hard drives, Seagate offers two strong brands, giving distributors, retailers, system integrators and storefront businesses a more complete product lineup to cope with the global information transferred to digital format storage requirements derived, thus expand its business by the

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