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Ic ST62T20CM6

Tyco Electronics CoEv magnetic components of the new company has officially released the DXM series of lead-free power inductors. The inductors have a low voltage and IC ST62T20CM6 and high current characteristics, designed for switching power supplies and portable electronic products design. The magnetic component can exchange fluctuations in the DC circuit rectifier current play, filtering and smoothing effect. The ultra-thin inductor design features to minimize circuit board area occupied and the increasing power density and excellent coordination with the flatness. DXM series of products designed to reduce the plating and welding wire and lead the process of the end of the fault, while the device is used in the manufacturing sector in the multiple interval technique is applied to reduce the edge of the drift flux and the scattered field emission phenomena. Core material of this product less prone to heat aging, put into use to reach the more than 100 million hours mean time between failures (MTBF). DXM series inductor current carrying capacity up to 30A, inductance range from 0.20 μH to 10 μH, it can help power supply design engineers to design high-power application products more efficient power circuit. The lead-free devices that can withstand 200 ℃ of the insulation system, and the ability to -40 ℃ to 155 ℃ ambient temperature range of normal work. Currently, the external dimensions of the device 13mm × 13mm × 6.0mm.

ST62T20CM6 Suppliers

Currently under way to build the western Pixian LED base class, New Zealand, AsiaInfo, Shanxi Guangyu LED semiconductor lighting more than 10 companies are speeding up construction. By 2012, industrial enterprises in Hong Kong will have the LED over 20, invest 30 billion yuan, built in 2017 in Western art LED product R & D base.

ST62T20CM6 Price

Raytheon 830 flagship tower computer case, streamlined appearance, and ST62T20CM6 Price and rich sense of the future of technology; whole machine aluminum enclosure front panel and side panel design with mesh design can effectively improve the overall thermal efficiency and maximum support to nine 120mm fans for active cooling; humanity without screws and flexible design of the chassis structure to expand capacity, can be found everywhere CoolerMaster careful design intentions.

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