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he Tablet PC in November for the SamsungGALAXY mid-market, Far EasTone (4904) and IC ST72F621L4M1 and Taiwan Mobile (3045) will also be working with Samsung, and remote November 2 will be announced more competitive tariff program, said Taiwan will launch a large value 0 proposal, the details of charges announced in the near future.

ST72F621L4M1 Suppliers

plasma TV to a new 32-inch PDP small TV, Fuzhou is expected to be unveiled in July. "LCD is not big, plasma can not do small" technical difficulties, which have officially been completely rewritten. Recently, a reporter from the marketing department of Fuzhou Hisense television news learned more. It is understood that Hisense 32-inch plasma TV, has been available in volume in the near future will gradually OTC sales, the market price of about 4,000 yuan. Message from the current point of view, Changhong TV and ST72F621L4M1 Suppliers and LG TV, have launched 32-inch plasma TV. The reporters also learned that Konka 32-inch plasma TV model of the R & D, have been in place when the time is right, it will be mass production and to market. 32-inch PDP grab market price of 32-inch LCD hard to drop. To 32-inch plasma products, the purpose is obvious directed small screen flat-panel TV market, and even can be said that the 32-inch LCD TV to grab market share. It is understood that the small screen 32-inch flat panel TVs best-selling varieties, mainly because of its wider use: both for the bedroom, but also for small living room. The industry believes that the 32-inch plasma TV launched, want to win the 32-inch LCD TV sales, obviously the price to win. Such as PDP TVs sold around 4,000 yuan, it will be able to take advantage of the price. It is reported that the market for 32-inch LCD TV sales or even out of stock, 32-inch LCD panel prices also trend, the 32-inch LCD TV prices become strong. Some time ago, there are many on the market price of less than 4,000 32-inch LCD TV dollars, now very rare. Currently on the market 32-inch LCD TV, most priced between 4,999 yuan ~ 6999 yuan.

ST72F621L4M1 Price

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