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Ic STAC9766T

CPT in the original plan for the future Head of investment of two hundred twenty billion yuan. Including AU Optronics, Chi Mei Optoelectronics and IC STAC9766T and other manufacturers have been put into 7.5-generation plant built matters. Among them, up to seven friends. Five plant equipment is scheduled to be installed in the second quarter, fourth quarter production to try to inroads over the next forty-inch LCD TV panel market. However, CPT is at this point to make in the next generation TFT-LCD Division plant start delayed six months, the decision to set up factories, the industry is bound to lead to a high degree of concern. high cross in the seventh session, the Lo Wu total of 28 technology exhibitors, they bring a leading information technology, but also meet the practical needs of the community-saving technology.

STAC9766T Suppliers

In recent years, Chinas non-genuine rate is declining. IDC and STAC9766T Suppliers and the Business Software Alliance released a report that in the past 3 years, rates of non-genuine software in China dropped by 10%, for the loss of 864 million to restore the entire industry, China is a worldwide, non-genuine rate has dropped one of the most significant . Ministry of Information Industry Advisory Services Centre Intellectual Property in 2007 published the "China Software Industry Development" report also showed that non-genuine rate of Chinas software market is the rate of 2% per year declining.

STAC9766T Price

DVCAMDSR-PD150P classic application is in the May 21, 2003, China Central Television carried the summit of Mount Everest, "2003, standing on the third pole" of the large-scale live events. When China successfully boarded the Everest climbers of Mount Everest 8848.13 meters above sea level, the TV sent to team members clearly stood holding the world's third flag pole of the screen. This is the first human ascent of Everest 11 days of continuous activities of the summit peak of the full broadcast, Beijing, Everest base camp, camp and STAC9766T Price and mountain camera forward pass in front of programs to 206 hours, is the history of China Central Television broadcast a full breakthroughs. The impact of the camp from 8300 m to 8848.13 m in the summit of Mount Everest, in the traditional large-scale radio and television can not match the height of the camera, CCTV camera chosen for the entire small mountain DVCAM live video. Only three of the Tibetan team training after 15 days of camera to shoot the perfect picture of it, mountain climbing, when the camera without any failures and technical errors, where, DV, and beat the machine is also climbing on the planet, "the third pole." NEW YORK DVD Diebao IT News SMS Description: do not want to buy a gun version of the DVD, do not want to buy a large map with a false reputation, do not want to read the hand when the film, so every day I look YORK DVD Diebao, the original - one more life can be choices. NEW YORK DVD Diebao Hyun up your DVD! Free text messaging, up a total of four awards. Web-based applications :

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