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Two days ago, mobile phone battery explosion is suspected to have killed the man actually died in a car accident. One of his colleagues accidentally hit the motorcycle driver dead heavy equipment, the report falsely claimed that mobile phone battery explosion occurred.

STG3684QTR Suppliers

market share in terms of analytical instruments: high-end products, foreign products 90% of market share, in the end products, foreign products occupy 70% market share, at the same time, I know that many of the products Huayun price is only one-fifth of foreign products. Therefore, our domestic enterprises in the price or have a great competitive advantage. advanced technology, excellent talents, why many companies have not been growing rapidly, the total wood agitated: "Our market should be standardized!"

STG3684QTR Price

In order to reduce production costs, the international semiconductor manufacturers and STG3684QTR Price and assembly and test foundry companies have transferred their production to China package, thereby directly stimulating the scale of China's semiconductor packaging industry expanded rapidly. Meanwhile, China continues to expand the scale of chip manufacturing and the huge and fast-growing end-market electronics applications in China has greatly promoted the growth of the semiconductor packaging industry. Two effects, making China the semiconductor packaging industry, despite the financial crisis, but the global semiconductor market, the importance of packaging has become increasingly prominent.

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