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Mainland China foundry SMIC 12-inch plant in Wuhan hosting a new core, next Monday (22) at the opening ceremony, it is understood, the plant will be the SMIC and IC STN1NK60Z and flash memory maker Spansion (Spansion) of the important production center for NAND chips. Last year, DRAM prices are still the first half of the total cost of the DRAM makers above the SMIC is still Japans Elpida DRAM plant important foundries, it is understood, the two sides have been interested in the new core for the base in Wuhan, a joint venture set up 12-inch plant. But because of SMIC, Elpida, Wuhan municipal government and other parties could not agree on the conditions, the last case of this joint-venture factories declared stillborn, SMIC end early this year partnership with Elpida, the core began to find a way for the new Elpida has decided to cooperate with and the ship, want to switch to the construction of 12-inch plant in Suzhou. Since the beginning of Wuhan Xinxin is planning to build 12-inch plants, unlike the other fab SMIC Chengdu into a host cell, is the acquisition of Elpida old 8-inch plant equipment operations, foundry broader product line, so the core later turned to cooperation with Spansion to discuss the case, decided the operation of the new direction of the core, from OEM production of NAND flash memory into DRAM. According to the local semiconductor industry that Spansion and TSMC after drifting away, turning a partnership with SMIC, Spansion 65-nm technology transfer in addition to the SMIC ORNAND, follow-up will also be appointed by the foundry SMIC 45 nm EcoRAM products, has also announced 43-nm technology to SMIC ORNAND2 technology and migrate to the escrow SMIC Wuhan Plant production. The SMIC will also work with other partners Spansion, held in Wuhan on October 22 a new production plant opening ceremony.

STN1NK60Z Suppliers

State St Microelectronics (SGMC) has introduced a low impedance 0.4Ω Analog Switch SGM4684, its high-performance single pole double throw (SPDT) analog switches Adds new products. The product uses CMOS technology, with two-way, low resistance, low power, low leakage current, high speed, high-bandwidth characteristics for cordless phones, handheld computers, audio / video signal switching, measuring equipment, communication systems, medical equipment and STN1NK60Z Suppliers and other portable battery-powered devices, and other fields.

STN1NK60Z Price

t is understood that China is the worlds largest producer of alkaline batteries, various types of alkaline batteries have achieved the majority of domestic materials, separator material alone imported products quality and STN1NK60Z Price and a wide gap between the past, can only supply the needs of low-grade alkaline batteries. Divide the use of low-quality batteries, the energy may not play half the standard number, or place a few months after the loss of most of the power.

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