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According Acer plans to formally enter the second half of 2006 PDA mobile phone market, according to Acer introduced the first PDA smart phones launched by Samsung will be the processor and IC STP2223BGA and Flash memory products, while the phone's operating system WindowsMobile will use Microsoft's operating system. At the same time the company said the reason why Acer decided to support in the second half of 2006 PDA mobile phone 3G network was the main reason is that 3G mobile phone market will become more mature.

STP2223BGA Suppliers

Of course, the old companies are not standing still. In the domestic market, Kingsun low-key attitude of life has been quiet for many years. This year, the company is constantly welcomes news: 3 months, the ground on the high-power LED street lamp project won the third "China Technology Market Association Golden Bridge Prize"; May, Kingsun LED industry in Guangdong was elected chairman Li Xuliang league Session Chairman; in September, was invited to full participation in national technical standards for LED, LED street lighting standards, Guangdong Province, LED semiconductor illumination lamp standards and STP2223BGA Suppliers and other national and local standard-setting work ... ... can be predicted that it would be possible Kingsun outbreak in years . The East China LED lighting products to business representatives in the country in recent years optical completed more than 300 cases of LED lighting, lighting engineering, has become the field of LED lighting, LED lighting manufacturers the most professional one. In addition, Shenzhen, Xiamen, LED lighting companies also have to attack, the entire domestic market is crowded, and from the situation.

STP2223BGA Price

Promote the rapid growth of unstructured data files based on the rapid development of clustered storage. Recently, Isilon introduced three applications the company has solid-state disk (SSD) of the IsilonIQ clustered storage product: IQ10000X-SSD, IQ320000X-SSD and STP2223BGA Price and IQ5000S-SSD, IQ series of products to further enhance performance.

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