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Ic STW20NA50

From the market, most of the headset for the potential product or market development of Internet cafes, most recently, have launched the brand positioning of each headphones headset home use products, this is more like a series of joint KDM-6800 The price of both excellent headphones adapt to cafe-style, but also comparable to those aspects of home audio headset products, does make the headset on the market thriving.

STW20NA50 Suppliers

SpursEngine chip used by Sony and STW20NA50 Suppliers and IBM jointly developed Cell microprocessor core, the chip will mainly be used for multimedia applications, such as consumer products, video treatment. SpursEngine chip is based on Cell architecture, but only 4 SPE, PPE module is completely canceled, against MPEGII and H.264 format video codec Codec, support XDR memory, energy consumption, 1.5GHz frequency, power 10-20W . SpursEngine chip will be used in future intelligent home appliances, and achieving recognition and image processing functions, such as providing real-time video encoding and decoding, using the cameras action taken to control the appliances, and the current display real-time 3D simulation of facial make-up software deal . Toshiba has begun development of products based on SpursEngine chip and plans to other companies sell their products. Toshiba said that Toshiba will Oct. 2 opening of the "CEATECJAPAN2007" exhibition, focused presentation in 3D imaging SpursEngine chip streaming media data processing capabilities.

STW20NA50 Price

Pioneer's global 3G operations confirmed that a 3G mobile phone weakness, Datang to see this. Therefore, Beijing Tian Acer, Chongqing CYIT, Hisense, Commit and STW20NA50 Price and Spreadtrum in more than twenty competitors.

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