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Ic STi7000AQA

Harbourside, dominate the political arena. Aino V8000HD series, first proposed PortableVisualPlayer (PVP) concept, to achieve the ultimate high-definition era of evolutionary time. In brief, PVP evolved from the high-definition MP4, the basis of excellence in high-definition performance, through more extended features can be customized to achieve the MP4 products from the "single function" to "multiple function" by leaps and IC STi7000AQA and bounds, from "individual entertainment" to the "group entertainment" sublimation, excel the predecessors. As a "Interactive& share" for the development of new product forms, Ainol V8000HD set an example, define three standard :

STi7000AQA Suppliers

LED backlight technology from the point of view, the side light LED (side-view) can do ultra-thin design, the backlight will be market-led small and STi7000AQA Suppliers and medium size; 10-inch panel, mainly straight-type LED (top-view), while more and more NB and LCD TV panels using LED, estimated that in 2010 shipped more than straight-type LED side light LED.

STi7000AQA Price

So-called DV mobile phone, the significance of all the focus on "D, V" two letters of the body, which is the most prominent feature of DV mobile phone - video capabilities. DV is a good phone, the quality of its video capture, playback quality, shooting operation, and STi7000AQA Price and even the feeling of shooting DV can achieve a level of objective and stringent testing standards. Set as listed soon called "DV mobile phone standard" Amoi A660, with excellent audio and video capabilities and powerful, more prominent interpretation of the "DV" two letters, rather rule the roost DV mobile phone trend.

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