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Ic SUD45P03-15

Institute of Electrical Engineering has recently developed the "50kW/40kHz high-voltage power supply" on behalf of the domestic high-frequency power switching power supply of the advanced level of technology. "200kW Power Supply" study, indicates that Chinas high-power pulsed power technology has opened a historic page. Currently, the foreign development of high-power switching power supply technology is more mature, and IC SUD45P03-15 and are mainly used in industrial and military. In particle accelerators, electromagnetic emission, electromagnetic propulsion, pulsed-power microwave weapons and other technology areas, power equipment, usually in the hundreds of kilowatts of average power and even a few megawatts or more, volume and weight of only a few one-tenth of the country, and Automation level is very high. In recent years, low-power switching power supply technology has matured and can basically meet the industrial production and military development. This time, the successful development of high-voltage electrical power supply for industrial development in China will play a far-reaching impact. The new high-power switching power supply (average power 200kW) with small size, light weight, high efficiency, voltage and wide range of advantages, but also has advanced automatic control technology. High power pulse power mainly as the primary power supply and large military equipment, power systems can also be applied to high-current fast charge and discharge system and the electronics, communications, aerospace, medical and other fields, in which tens ~ hundreds of kilowatts of large, high-power switching power supply mainly used in modern industry, national defense, and large research projects, with a very wide range of applications.

SUD45P03-15 Suppliers

"We are very pleased to see our collaboration with such a timely and SUD45P03-15 Suppliers and efficient manner to achieve such results." Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific President and Managing Director Mr. Pan Xiandi said, " such an exciting thing, so we have witnessed Chinas technical standards with Telepath and Infineon R & D center in Xian, China combined with the local design resources (Made in China), forming a local chip solution, and subsequently by manufacturing facilities are completed and fully localized production of final products (in China). "

SUD45P03-15 Price

According to professional media analysis, in 2006 we are entering a "universal LCD" era. Flying into the wide-screen LCD, while homes of ordinary people, BenQ three popular series of widescreen FP92W, FP202W, P222W, with its superior performance, human design, affordable prices, will show their talents in the mainstream market.

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