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LCD product characteristics determine its size is not the bigger the better, its main function is still a text based page views, placing spots in the office, bedroom, study, which is not the same positioning of LCD TVs. In a recent online survey, the majority of Internet users said the purchase would like to see the best size of LCD is 22 inches, more than 22-inch size limit will be subject to narrow the desktop, not everyone is suitable. The industry also pointed out that for the vast majority of IT users, both from the visual effects, the use of comfort, space, or to other factors to consider, 22-inch widescreen is a prime model.

SY100ELT22LZG Suppliers

2007 year, NEC Electronics products to support Blu-ray SCOMBO a library volume was 140 million, about 40% global market share, target the library in 2008 capacity of 1,000 million, and SY100ELT22LZG Suppliers and strive to more than 50% global market share, NEC Electronics will be actively pursued to achieve this goal of marketing activities.

SY100ELT22LZG Price

First introduced to the digital camera manufacturers product line, low line. 80 million pixels Sony's products using the DV with two HC21E and SY100ELT22LZG Price and HC33E, the two machine configuration is basically the same, but the increase HC33E HC21E digital camera than to the memory stick, and audio and video input, so more practical to recommend ;#### # of household penetration of digital cameras increasing, coupled with today's low-end DV products on the market also has the function of digital photography, many consumers have recently purchased DV plans. When everyone in the purchase of more appropriate selection of which model it, in 4000 yuan low range, the author recommended for everyone several products with a higher price.

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