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Ic SY100H641LJC

today announced that its 65nm 3V 512Mb and IC SY100H641LJC and 1Gb MirrorBit NOR high-capacity solution is now in the companys flagship 300mm SP1 wafer fab for volume production, the first device was first shipped to customers this quarter . MirrorBit NOR GL product line is used for reliable code execution and data storage one of the leading solutions, can be used for a wide range of high-volume consumer and industrial applications including automotive navigation systems, communications infrastructure equipment, gaming and industrial control . The 65nm MirrorBit NOR GL device is a seamless transition to a launch scheduled for 2009 the next generation of pin-compatible 65nm MirrorBit Eclipse GL 3V products paved the way for. NOR and MirrorBit Eclipse architecture set in a NAND features of both technologies in a die to create the same powerful features.

SY100H641LJC Suppliers

[Guangzhou, June 1 NEW YORK News] Nokia E series because for the enterprise users and SY100H641LJC Suppliers and business people, and supported the very variety of business email solutions, business functions are complete. E66 E65 upgrade as a model, the performance improved a lot, with the same period the main difference is that the E71 listed the different forms of the keyboard. The red version of the current models which move in Guangzhou offer of 2,300 yuan Phenom, like a friend can go and see.

SY100H641LJC Price

Can be said that the latest generation DDR3 memory technology, has made substantial progress compared to DDR2, the biggest advantage is that we can further enhance the frequency and SY100H641LJC Price and power at high frequencies to be reduced compared to DDR2. As the frequency of DDR2 memory to 1066MHz frequency of extreme yield and cost is not ideal, it can not be bound to the support of vendors and market acceptance, so manufacturers seek lower-cost alternative to higher frequency memory solutions, and DDR3, it is platform-based solution for this purpose, the starting frequency of the current DDR3 memory has been in the 1066MHz, the performance advantages, plus the cost is expected to be lower, so the major manufacturers have also even behind the DDR3 memory, to look for the next generation of high-bandwidth choice.

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