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Ic T1027

I did not slow, the world is changing too fast. When the computer two years ago, jubilant fans take home the 17-inch LCD, the already feel enough of fashion, and IC T1027 and at that time still occupy half of the CRT, LCD 15-inch side is also still hot, blink of an eye, after all 07 Manufacturers full boost, a look back, not to mention the 17-inch, and even 19-inch, in the eyes of many people is not considered a large size. In the face of the irrefutable fact: in the next year, the 22-inch will be doing my part of the protagonist. LCD size will allow a high degree of convergence of the homogenization of the market situation is more serious, Philips and other top makers of the application of technical superiority is bound to be further demonstrated, for the past, relies entirely on the cheap fighting the small firms, the days of 2008 better.

T1027 Suppliers

new product sample price: SCOMBO/UM2A 2,000 yen / month, SCOMBO/UM2P 1,500 yen / month. The first half of 2008 is expected to begin mass production scale of 30 million / month, the end of 2008 will increase to 100 million / month.

T1027 Price

S312 top of the machine, through the shell and T1027 Price and in the box before and after the extension, linked to the formation of a unique digital design, through the complimentary lanyard, you can hang the machine arbitrary bags, satchel, in Mp3 hanging around this regard the trend in the chest, you will be able to show off your personality and self-confidence out.

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