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Recently, with the great development of the domestic optical access network, GPON and IC TA2024 and EPON dispute and pervasive, the two camps are arguing, with the mature GPON , recently seemed to gradually higher up the voice of GPON, GPONs cost is too high on the issue was again thrown to argue manufacturers. Supporters argue that a highly integrated GPON chip is no need for an external chip, which supports a variety of other business in the long run, the cost is not higher than that of EPON. However, GPON EPON proponents is generally considered to provide the functionality, EPON are also available, the overall cost is better than GPON. From the operators, in addition to outside EPON, GPON also started their trial, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile is not an exception. Therefore, it seems that the attitude of operators not sure, it has brought to the PON market variables.

TA2024 Suppliers

Chinas market is the mainstream adoption of EPON (Ethernet passive optical network) technology, is the PON network construction in the two main one way. China Telecom, China Unicom, the tender times, EPON has been rapid development in recent years. China Unicom recently launched the worlds largest EPON equipment bidding, which marks the EPON has entered a new period of development. In addition to China, the international use of EPON, along with Japan, South Korea, which Japan started building the first EPON network, and TA2024 Suppliers and has been based on it to provide television, voice, Internet triple play services. In the United States, India, Europe and other countries and regions, construction of another way of PON GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) is seen as mainstream. It is different with the EPON, two main difference is that, EPON Ethernet and IP-based protocols, GPON can support ATM, TDM, SONET / SDH, Ethernet and other protocols, the downlink rate and split ratio are also different. The industry generally believe that, compared to EPON controller, due to higher integration, GPON controller, while improving the bandwidth to support a variety of business, but the construction cost of GPON is considered too high and that the technology is not mature enough previously. PON has been the industry by which the focus of debate.

TA2024 Price

3G era, will greatly promote the demand for network bandwidth, while the passive optical network (PON) that second-generation multipoint FTTH (fiber to the home) technology, as a species provide an excellent alternative to high-speed broadband services, products, low cost, long life, distance and TA2024 Price and so on, so respected by the industry. With the three major domestic carriers to accelerate their launch 3G network construction and related businesses began operations, optical communications in the Chinese market since last year, unprecedented attention by the industry to form the construction of FTTH PON optical access networks such as rapid start .

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