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(Electronic markets Reuters) in the "true dual-core," the cry, the worlds two chip giants Intel and IC TC07VOA and AMDs bickering seems to be a tendency to upgrade. But again, AMD accused Intel in "out of context," "nonsense", the first time yesterday, Intels position, "I hope this this have died." Yesterday, public relations manager for Intel China, said Liu Jie, told reporters: "We will not respond to other peoples claims to endlessly, others will not fall into the trap set for us." Intel dual-core stakeholders Wang Honghua also told reporters that the hope that this " does not make much sense, "the" true "war to end here. He stressed that the software is dual-core is all about. "Only a variety of software and platforms based on dual-core to give consumers a real experience, this is related to the vital interests of consumers and meaningful. I do not know how many of AMDs dual-core software can run on it." In this regard, easy Wang Tao, an analyst with Analysys International believes that the current evaluation of dual-core do not have a uniform standard, so it was not a good conclusion who is more "real." Comprehensive evaluation to see which can only be better performance, consume fewer resources, more valuable use of the user. But Wang Tao also believes that the war from both sides can be seen on the market still has a very significant effect. The promotion of the upstream chip manufacturers has intensified, market information and prices are constantly adjusted, which is downstream manufacturers and final consumers is very good. It is reported that after the advent of dual-core processors, AMD has said its product is the "true dual-core." In response, Intel rejects AMD "dual core of genuine and highly irresponsible" and pointed out that compared to Intel, AMD products, there are many defects. Subsequently, AMD countered that "We have never said that Intels dual-core processor is a fake, but stress that we are true dual-core."

TC07VOA Suppliers

kit also includes cables and TC07VOA Suppliers and accessories, Nios II Evaluation Kit CD-ROM (with software tutorials and examples), and Altera Nios II EDS includes the complete design package DVD, Altera MegaCore intellectual property (IP) library and the Quartus II Web Edition design software.

TC07VOA Price

Shows a stable motherboard can overclock both are in good working full on the basis of material, the Soyo C61P can be stable over the secret is to work, with the dedication of the work, achievements of a group of overclockers. Soyo good kind of !

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