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Ic TC4002BP

SAM3S with 64KB, 128KB and IC TC4002BP and 256KBe three flash density and provide 48 feet, 64 feet and 100-pin QFP package, 48 foot and 64-pin QFN package, and the 100-pin 0.8mm pitch BGA package. Provide samples of the first 256 KB Flash memory density is 64 feet and 100-pin QFP packaged devices, while the other package first quarter of 2010 samples will be provided. SAM3S will begin volume production in the second quarter of 2010, Order 10000, each priced at 2.50 to 4.45 U.S. dollars.

TC4002BP Suppliers

Broadcom Mobile Multimedia Business Group Mark Casey, vice president and TC4002BP Suppliers and general manager, said: BCM2820 In a major breakthrough in technology integration for the benefit of the mobile phones and portable media players developers, because Broadcom will VideoCore applications processor market, introduction of technology to simplify the development of next generation mobile wireless devices, while saving space, power and optimize performance.

TC4002BP Price

Original frequency in the 34GHz, the core voltage from 1.932V down to 1.240V and TC4002BP Price and one hundred percent to maintain system stability, when the standby voltage to open the CnQ 0.832V, while the frequency northbridge even without pressure (1.240V) # # # # # test at room temperature 23.3 ℃, the system is idle for ten minutes after the use of power equipment and use EVEREST5.0.2.1810 read a single core temperature, power and temperature loaded condition, there are two cases, one run MaxonCinema4DR11x64 the At the same time file with the MainconceptReference1.61 to transcode to iPod MPEG4 format to simulate the CPU high load condition, the second is 1680 × 1050,2 xAA, high-quality set to run "FarCry2" to simulate the game state.

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