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Ic TC4423COE

Semiconductor process technology advances. Remember the end of P3, P3Tualatin with the 130nm technology, so that the original P3's performance has once again erupted. But did not last long, as the P4's listing, P3Tualatin gradually out of the market. P4 Willamette core of the early performance is not good, and IC TC4423COE and even in some respects not as good as P3Tualatin series processors, based on 130nm technology until the NorthwoodP4 there, this really play out the P4's performance, to the 90nm technology PrescottP4 the late emergence of the P4 limit frequency to the next level once again. However, too much emphasis on the NetBurst architecture design frequency, to the late the problem of excessive power consumption. In order to change the bad impression left by P4, Core2Duo based on 65nm technology products came into being. Core2Duo's arrival marks a new era, At the same time, in order to catch up with the pace of the mainstream, AMD is also ahead in the fourth quarter of this year's 65nm technology processors. Can be said that in 2006, we have advanced into the 65nm era. Always expected good things, but the fact encounter some unexpected things, such as AMD is the case. According to the latest report from the INQ reported that the current AMD chips in the 65nm technology aspects "problems." AMD's 65nm production process has not chips, not available at the rated voltage should be the frequency, so the present samples can only increase the voltage from the nominal 1.1V to 1.4V. On the surface, this problem did not seem right, but a little knowledge of some of those principles are

TC4423COE Suppliers

Gemei HD MP4 - X690HD much attention, because this product has excellent addition to the video viewing but also increased the wealth of entertainment features, such as "Puzzle Bobble" "Spot," "Paladin," "Monopoly Ali Baba" and TC4423COE Suppliers and other games can support, but these games for a relatively low key control requirements Therefore, it can play high-definition MP4 handy (of course if we can increase the joystick support would be more perfect.) Also reported by the firmware upgrade, X690HD also support the latest high-resolution "gold miners" on the screen in HD enjoy the game, this is indeed a very pleasant thing. There is also support for reading PDF documents, and entertainment a higher level.

TC4423COE Price

80,90 after many friends in the time to buy things are more like the product some personality, even buy a simple camera is no exception. However, the camera currently on the market although many species, but personality is good. I recently learned from the dealer where, Onyango Jianying in the earlier launch of the new camera has arrived, full of personality, but this camera, compared to always meet everyone's taste.

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